Our Story

Cordobes was born in a little workshop in a town called San Mateo Atenco in the outskirts of Mexico City. We promptly noticed that due to a lack of economic viability most of the work done by artisans in San Mateo was underappreciated and their skill was undervalued as well.

San Mateo Atenco is home to highly skilled artisans that have the ability to produce great footwear, however, with the increasing competition and families to provide, most artisans were driven to lower their prices and lower their quality aswell.

Cordobes is committed to truly appreciating the artisan’s skills and the production value of the materials made in San Mateo Atenco and making a high-quality product with the high skill our artisans offer. In this way, Cordobes creates a unique and high-quality product
but also honors the artisans and families in San Mateo Atenco.