What type of leather are Cordobes´ boots made from?

In our On Demand program, Cordobes offers three types of leather.

The brown pull-up leather is a 7-ounce leather, chrome tanned in a pull-up finish, this leather is treated with oils and waxes during the tanning process which gives the leather a pull-up effect, this means that when you pull on the boots the leather changes colors as the oils in the leather distributes.

This leather also has the ability to self-healing, in places where there are superficial scuffs, with some oil and a cotton wipe you should be able to buff your boots and heal some of those scuffs,     

The second option is a 7-ounce chocolate pull-up leather, this leather comes in a nubuck finish, for a more rugged look, but it maintains the character of a pull-up so that when you pull on the leather or crease it the oils shift and the color changes as well. These pull up is easy to treat and buff easily.

The third type of leather is a 7-ounce top grain black leather, as black is the most elegant color we decided to make it as classic as we could, this leather is top grain as it becomes easy to maintain and doesn’t grab too much attention to it, it’s easy to maintain and easy to shine as well.

All these leathers are sourced locally from Leon Guanajuato the capital of shoemaking in Mexico, and as leathers are a

In the case of Made to Order pieces we have a wider range of options in colors and finishes as well. If you are interested in a different leather color or finish, please reach out to us and we let you know if there’s something for you.

Where are your pieces made?

We are proud to say that all our pieces are made in a small workshop in San Mateo Atenco, a town on the outskirts of Mexico City, San Mateo Atenco is one of the best shoemaking places in Mexico, and the artisans in the workshop have more than three generations of experience.

How are Cordobes´ boots constructed?

In our On Demand program, we offer boots made in a stitchdown construction, with a 10-ounce leather insole, a 12-ounce leather midsole, and a sole of the client’s election.

We believe that stitchdown is a very skill-demanding and detail-oriented construction it signifies that it’s a handmade piece as well as a strong, flexible, and good-looking product.

In our Made to Order program, we offer different types of constructions, like blake stitch, blake rapid and even handwelting, if you are interested in other kinds of constructions, please reach out to us and let us know what you are looking for.

Are your boots waterproof?

Our boots are water resistant, their stitchdown construction and their gusseted tongue, discourage the water from entering into the boots but this doesn´t make them waterproof if there’s enough water outside your boots water may enter them.

How long do my boots take to make?

With our production system, your boots should be ready in three weeks upmost, as the process is completely handmade and very detailed.

As a small workshop, we like to give enough time and attention to every pair of boots so everything goes as perfectly as it should.

Are Cordobes´ boots resolable?

Cordobes Boots are completely resolable, there are made with longevity in mind, and we use the best materials to make a long-lasting pair, even if the soles start to fail, any cobbler should be able to resole them without any issue.

How much does shipping costs?

We are glad to say that with a purchase over 130 USD, the shipping is completely free.

How long will my order take?

Once an order is placed the boots will start their manufacturing process, you can cancel your order within 24 hours out of your order, after these 24 hours the leather of your boots will be clicked, therefore your order has started.

The manufacturing takes between 2 to 3 weeks to complete, once your order is done, we will ship your product, and the shipping consist of 5 to 7 business days.

Your order should be in your hands between 3 to 4 weeks after you place your order. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship intercontinentally for free, but we can ship internationally.

How do I track my order?

Do you offer returns?

We do, we know that buying shoes online isn’t always as easy as it seems, we offer returns if your item applies to the return conditions, if you are interested in making a return please check our return policy here.

Do you offer sales?

Right now we don’t offer sales on our pieces, as these were handmade and each product is under anOn Demandsystem. This means we don’t have stock, we decided to make this system to be more responsible with the overproduction of goods and to value the artisans that manufacture each boot by hand.

What size should I order?

View our sizing guide here.

Do you offer any other widths?

Right now, we offer different widths in our comfort last, these last were are made to be comfortable so it only makes sense to offer different widths with them, this doesn’t apply to the dress last as the function of this last is completely different from the comfort last.


If there is an issue with your purchase after you've made your purchase please email us at cordobesboots@gmail.com

You may cancel your purchase within 24 hours of placing your order.